About the Conference

The purpose of the Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (STI&E) International Conference is to bring together international scholars working in a wide range of research fields and create a platform for them to present, discuss, engage and publish research work related to development.

STI&E was started in 2014 to provide researchers from local and international institutions, a forum to discuss and share ideas on the latest innovations and research outputs that address local and global challenges and those that improve the quality of life for the people and inform the decision-making process in matters of development by government and businesses. International delegates came from countries such as Germany, and Japan.

The University has been holding the conference annually in the month of November ever since. The conference was not held in the years 2020 and 2021 owing to the Covid-19 pandemic that the world was facing.

The number of papers presented has been going up every yearas shown in the annual trends belowand the numbers are expected to grow even further with new areas of presentations.


The theme of the conference is ‘Leveraging Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development’.

Conference areas of presentation are;

  1. Engineering Technologies and Innovations
  2. Business Management and Entrepreneurship
  3. Basic and Applied Sciences
  4. Agricultural Sciences and Technologies
  5. Water, Energy, GIS and Remote Sensing
  6. Health Sciences and Community Development and Post Covid-19 Dynamics
  7. ICT and Data Science, IOT, AI and Emerging Technologies
  8. Tourism, Wildlife and Hospitality Management Environment and Climate Change
  9. Security Management, Forensics and Contemporary Crimes
  10. Trends in Technical Education and Training
  11. Project Management for Micro-Public Project
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